Special thanks to our scholars and specialists: Betsy Fahlman, Richard Haefer, Carolyn Robbins and Wendy Weston.

Also, deep gratitude to the many statewide arts organizations and businesses that assisted in project coordination, including Pueblo Grande Museum, Musical Instrument MuseumHeard MuseumArizona Historical Society, Museum of Northern Arizona, Arizona State Capitol Museum, La Posada, Canyon Records and Tucson Meet Yourself.

Special kudos to the fine efforts of freelance graphic designer Johnny Kerr and web designer Jason Poole of …ellipsis media.

And, a warm thank you to Scott Morrow of Phosphor Photography and Sherri Phillips for generous volunteer efforts and shared images.

We’d also are deeply grateful to the combined support of Rio Salado College, South Mountain Community College and the Maricopa Community College District, with special thanks to Mindy Burns and Robert Bill.

And, last but not least, this project would not be possible without the fine efforts of many Division of Public Service staff members, including Tracey Greer, Becky Marshall, Georgia Barbero,Kelly Simpson, Yolanda Soliz, Rick Gould, Mark Nehrbass, Scott Nelson, Lou Stanley and Bill Shedd. Special kudos to Annette Flores for publicity support and Scott Williams and Jeanne Barron for valuable production feedback, guidance and assistance.  Also, many thanks to KBAQ’s Music Director Sterling Beeaff, and KBAQ Announcers Janine Miller, Randy Kinkel and Jon Town for all their valuable production feedback and amazing support.